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Notice concerning the content and updates of www.agrometeo.info


  1. www.agrometeo.info is under construction and you might experience some difficulties in accessing it during the next 1-2 months.
  2. Some freeware data network applications and demos which are made available through www.agrometeo.info might have broken links from time to time. This is due to the very large area coverage of the involved data nets (many applications involve hundreds of servers in Europe and USA). Broken links are telecom or local data servers related problems and are not under our responsibility.


So, please come back from time to time!



October, 2002


Nota privind continutul si actualizarea datelor pe www.agrometeo.info


  1. www.agrometeo.info este in faza de constructie si puteti intimpina dificultati in accesarea sa in decursul urmatoarei perioade de 1-2 luni
  2. Citeva dintre aplicatiile freeware si demo-uri facute disponibile prin www.agrometeo.info pot prezenta legaturi intrerupte din cind in cind. Aceasta se datoreste ariei geografice mari acoperita de retelele de date implicate (unele aplicatii implica transfer de fisiere intre sute de servere din Europa si USA). Legaturile intrerupte sunt datorate unor probleme de telecomunicatii sau unor servere locale de date si nu sunt sub responsabilitatea noastra.


Deci, va rugam sa reveniti !



Octombrie, 2002